Friday, April 22, 2011

Julia's Story

Age 12

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Severe Food Allergies

For Julia, eating a big scoop of her favorite ice cream is more than a treat for her taste buds. It’s proof that something truly remarkable has happened.

After years of battling a life-threatening milk allergy, Julia participated in a cutting-edge study at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. The study was aimed at teaching the immune system to tolerate the allergen with increasingly higher doses of the allergenic food over time. For Julia, the oral immunotherapy was a resounding success. She was the first child to be cured of a milk allergy, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

Julia still has to contend with other severe food allergies, including eggs and peanuts, as well as asthma and an inflammatory disease of the esophagus. She has been rushed to the emergency room for a near-fatal allergic reaction more than once. Though she must keep emergency medical supplies with her at all times, Julia doesn’t let her allergies rule her life. She’s a top student, a champion on her speech team, a star in her dance company, and a beacon of hope to kids with severe food allergies.

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